Trivia Sunday's at 3pm

Trivia Season Is from November till May Every Year!


    Your phone is your answer pad!

    Simply open your internet browser, enter and enter the game pin to join.

  • At the Pub

    First come first serve.

    Braging rights


  • Play Online

    Braging Rights

    Click the link below to play

    Link is live at 2:50 PM

Nerd Leaderboard 2023/24 Season

December 17 Champs

Round 1: Them Apples

Round 2: Parrotheads

Round 3: Them Apples

Points Leaderboard

Parrotheads: 19

Them Apples: 12

JamWells: 1

Lex Steel: 1

RockstarDeer: 2