Bala Falls Pub Cocktails

Cocktails Featuring Murphy's Law

This Authetic Application Shine is 100% corn-based shine with a technique that owner Ben Murphy learned in West Virginia while on an athletic scholarship. Later Ben brought this home and started to craft Ontario Moonshine with his younger brother Sullivan on their parents farm.

  • Staff Picks

    Electric Lemonade

    Pepper Shine Caesar

    Spicy Margarita

  • Easy Drinking

    Candy Apple

    Purple Freezie

    Sour Star

    Cola Pie

    Warhead Cooler Try ...

    Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Black Cherry or Green Apple

  • Frisky Shooters

    Sour Moon

    Loni Anderson

    Apple Caramel

  • Liquid Dessert

    Peach Cobbler

  • Classic Cocktails

    Long Island Ice Tea

    Margarita on the Rocks


    Tom Collins

    Wiskey Sour

    Amaretto Sour

  • Liquor

    Crown Royal

    Jack Daniels


    Sortilege Maple Wiskey

    Suaza Gold Tequila

    Grey Goose




    Sambucca White

  • Hot Stuff


    Muskoka Mocha

    Irish Coffee

    Blueberry Tea

    Hot Toddy

Take Home Liquor

Alcoholic beverages must be ordered with food. You must be 19+ to order alcoholic beverages. Order will be subject to ID verification at the time of the pickup. The name on the account must match the name of the person receiving the order. Your order will be cancelled if these conditions are not met.

  • Classic

    White Lightning 40%

    Apple Pie 22%

    Peach Pie 22%

    Cherry Bomb 40%

    130 Proof: TAKE HOME ONLY

  • Full of Flavour

    Pepper Shine 40%

    Blue Raspberry 22%

    Rootbeer 22%

    Fire Water 40%

    Caramel 30%

  • Warhead Sour Shine

    Green Apple 20%

    Black Cherry 20%

    Watermelon 20%

    Blue Raspberry 20%